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Star Formation


Sharon W.

"I am so thankful that I somehow stumbled across a facebook post that introduced me to Jodi and that I received the opportunity to have a session with her. Within an hour, she has brought me so much clarity, insight and understanding. Jodi touched on a topic that I didn’t intend on but I realized that she touched on what I needed most at this time. I am so excited to work on the things that Jodi has helped me with so that I can become a bigger and better me, and move forward with bigger and better things in my life. Thank you so much Jodi for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. I cant wait to get in touch with you soon."

Jennifer W.

"Jodi's insight is absolutely mind-blowing! Her gifts are amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to speak with her. Jodi had such an incredible grasp on personalities of loved ones. She brings concrete strategies into the mix to help make sense of everything. What a gift to have her as a resource."

Sherri E.

 "I am truly amazed by how much lighter my steps were after I saw Jodi! I felt like I could breathe clearly and deeply. She truly tapped into things that I knew I needed to deal with and focus on. I have already implemented her advice on how to deal with these things, and am amazed by how they transformed the 'every day' of my life. Thank you so much Jodi for being you!!! I cannot wait until I can see you again!"

Ilana C.

"I had an amazing experience with Jodi Basch. I didn't know what to expect and have never done anything like it before, but the information I received really blew me away. She was able to tap into my daughter's energy in a way that was so spot on it gave me chills. The way she described her as a person specifically regarding her sensory issues really gave me further insight into how to understand her, which I know will enable me to help her grow and thrive in the future.  Jodi also gave me helpful dietary suggestions as well as different exercises to help my daughter develop and grow. I will definitely be contacting Jodi in the future!"

Jennifer M.

"I don't even know how to put into words the experience I just had. I have no way to explain it. Jodi Basch is an intuitive energy healer. Nothing hokey and no seeing into the future. I had a session with her tonight and she was able to see some of my thought patterns, some "scenes" (as she calls them) that made sense to me and gave me a lot of clarity into my own life, relationships and decisions I have made over the course of my life. I left with tremendous new insight into my personality and emotions. I also felt an amazing sensation of warmth and light and openness. I realize I sound insane, but I don't care. Because if One person needs something like this and goes and gets what they need, then it will be worth it. Jodi is the real deal."


"I was unsure of what to expect going into my session with Jodi. My initial feelings of nervousness were quickly replaced by a sense of calm as Jodi began her healing work. It became quickly apparent to me that Jodi was picking up on specific personal and energetic details about my inner being. As she worked through each piece of incoming information, she spoke about what she was seeing while at the same time initiating a palpable shift deep within. It was a new entirely phenomenal experience, both cleansing and calming. Jodi is a gifted healer inbued with warmth vision and insight."



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