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Wild Berries



Hi, I'm Jodi.

I love life. I love my family. I love cooking, yoga, art, music, festivals, hiking, skiing and connecting with good people. I appreciate adventure, new experiences and learning new things. I am in deep gratitude for all the incredible things to learn, do and see on this planet.

I know, life isn't always beautiful. I'm a New Yorker. I’m honest, authentic, and pretty real.  Living on this planet is intense sometimes, and it was especially noisy for someone born in New York City with gifts of deep intuition, empathy and sensitivity. Everyday living was pretty LOUD. And feeling what other people were thinking and feeling definitely didn’t make for comfortable subway rides.


When I moved to Colorado, and started my family there, I accessed more of my gifts of intuition and empathy. As my family grew, I discovered that I could access my childrens feelings and emotions, whether I was with them or not, and facilitate healing from afar. Over the years, I realized that I could access other people's thoughts and feelings, as if inside their body. I could see disease as blockages in the body, see past lives, access others childhood memories and rememeber ones ancestral traumas. I could also help people release and recode some of their painful narratives. As I remembered my gifts of being an intutive healer, I started to release the pain and remember the magic that exists on this planet. 

As I learned tools and techniques to create boundaries, ground into the earth, and clear other people's emotions and sensitivities from space, I often questioned why these gifts were given to me. And, after years, it became clear: being a healer is who I am, and my gifts as an intuitive help me do my job. Validating your emotions and soul stories, helping you clear away old patterns and access your divine spark within you will heal our planet and bring you closer to LOVE. Earth becomes more beautiful when we are freed from oppressive thoughts, beliefs and actions, and we are guided toward clarity and connection to the divine spark within. I want us all to remember that we can clear away pain, illness, sadness, unworthiness, and lack of connection. We all have access to love, kindness, abundance, and connection. Let me help you remember who you are, so you can finally love yourself first.

Love, Jodi  

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