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I'm so happy you're here.


I see you. I feel and see your energy, your past lives, the ancestral stories that have been passed through you, the soul narratives you've been telling yourself, who you are and why you are here.  I'm an empath and an intuitive.  It's my gift.  I'm here to see people. 

You may feel stressed, sick, overwhelmed or confused. You may feel unworthy. You may feel an accumulation of negative emotions, patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you. They may have caused dis-ease in your body.  But I am here to validate you and your experience as a divine soul having a human experience.

You're a light. 

When you shed the blame, guilt, sadness, and lack of control, you will love yourself even more than you ever thought possible.  We are all here to live life joyfully and share the best version of ourselves. We are here on this planet to learn to love ourselves, experience deep inner peace and connection, and experience embodiment without fear.

It's possible. Let me help you or your loved one find your blocked energy and rewrite your soul story. You are a divine light.

Let yourself shine.




Colorful Crystal




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